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February, 2015: You may have heard about a new potential hazard in your home. I’m talking about those curly lightbulbs called Compact Fluorescent bulbs or lamps (CFLs). They may use less energy compared to traditional incandescent lamps, but they contain mercury, which could be dangerous if the light is broken in your home. Even in trace amounts, mercury is not to be handled or inhaled by anyone and has been linked to cognitive difficulties and even brain damage.

If you have these bulbs in your home please DO NOT THROW THEM IN THE TRASH when they burn out. I can’t stress this enough. You see, by throwing them away with the rest of the trash, you’ll be making this a problem for the nearest landfill and for the environment. Sadly, the bulbs contaminate the landfill, which adds pollution and hazardous waste to our collective environment. Read more

Mark J. Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, ONEnergy Inc., parent company of Sunwave

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Increase your energy efficiency to as high as 96% AFUE and see significant savings on your gas bill.

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Shift your air conditioning to 96% efficiency and watch your energy bills shrink.

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Reduce your energy costs with a high-efficiency heater or tankless unit for endless hot water.

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Sunwave Home Protection Plans keep you comfortable year-round without repair bills.

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LED Lighting

Using up to 80% less power, it costs you nothing to find out how much money you’ll save.

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Save up to 37% on your A/C and heating bills with Sunwave HPS-G transparent window coating.

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Sunwave will ensure you receive maximum benefit from all provincial rebate incentive programs.

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The Sunwave Comprehensive Energy Strategy ensures optimum power purchasing for your company.

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